Long distance moves

Even though Atlasmex Relocations was founded as an International Moving company, we have adapted the very best International Moving practices to our long distance moves service.

We use the highest quality moving equipment and procedures to guarantee the best move experience possible.

To guarantee the safetly of your goods, our drivers only use toll roads that not only offer added security and faster routes, but also are of better quality avoiding added vibrations.

Our drivers are also only allowed to drive during the day or early evening and park the truck during the night in security protected areas to avoid any possible theft or accident do o driver fatigue.

All of our trucks have satellite surveillance so even if the drivers cell phones (all have two cell phones with two different cell phone providers) are not reachable, we still have a way to monitor their position.

We also offer our international insurance policy for long distance moves making sure that your goods are insured in case of any accident or disaster.