Atlasmex Relocations uses a storage system called “TOTAL SECURITY” where your household goods are put into storage vaults. Once your goods arrive into our warehouse, seals are put on the vaults and each vault is put back into is designated spot( All vaults are coded for a specific position inside the warehouse). Unless the items are accessed by your during its stay in storage, we deliver the storage vaults at your home directly, be it weeks, months or years later so you can received the items just as they were picked up.

Even though the climate in Mexico and inside our warehouses is not a humid one, we will put a Silica absorbing gel pack to make sure that no added humidity is inside your vault. We also using an odor absorbing pouch for your refrigerators to reduce the odor while in storage.

Our storage facility if fumigated every month against all types of rodents.

Our storage facility has 24/7 guards with closed circuit surveillance and have strict entry controls by outside personnel.

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